Every individual, organization, company, city and nation state must innovate to survive. Not thrive, survive. They say I have a unique ability to paint a motivating picture of what could be, the possible, and then make it happen. I do it with words, with pictures and with my capacity to connect with people. Whether the context is how to live a better life or build a better business, my tenets and beliefs tend to apply.  
I understand organizations and how to motivate them and people and how to help them. If you’re looking for different thinking and practical applicable insights, for help realizing the arc of possibility for your life or business, sign up for my monthly newsletter and/or send me a note. I am here to help.  

Chris Colbert

Managing Director, Harvard Innovation Labs





I write for others, to share my thoughts about how to help people get to a better place. Better businesses, better communities, better people. My book is a work-in-progress and my blog is stream-of-conscious. At times, and in time, hopefully of interest.


I speak to clarify, to guide, to motivate. If you have employees or customers that would benefit from a jolt of the truth and a refreshingly different view of the possible, that need help getting to a better place, I would love to talk to them, and you. 

A Ted type talk I gave in Singapore at the largest FinTech conference in the world on Innovation and the importance of better connecting to the truth of our humanity.
The ability to tell your story is everything. It will get you investors, employees, jobs and significant others. PitchCraft was designed for Harvard students and startups but is generally applicable to every selling situation.

Marketing You: How to market yourself in order to get whatever it is you want.

THE Power of Simple:  As the volume of everything (choice, data, features, interactions) grows, we predict a backlash and a push for less. Simplification will become the new normal in marketing and business.

Innovation is not about you, it's about them.  And understanding them takes empathy. 


Your net worth will be directly tied to your network. 

The capacity to innovate and leader are bedfellows.  

Marketing 101: A 90 minute show on the basic concepts of marketing. If you want the detailed stuff there are better sources.


Venture 101: The Why and How to become an entrepreneur. Designed for Harvard students but mostly applicable to the world.

A quick sound bite snippet on why organizations and leaders struggle to innovate. 

Leadership is both art and science, but it begins with intentionality.  


Everything has a shelf life, including you. 

Tubes and Orbs: You'll understand the name by the end.  A good primer on the why and how of effective management. 


120 seconds that will convince you that anyone can innovate.  

The ability to network is a choice.  

The source code is right in front of you.  

Me being interviewed by Steph Noris from the stellar media agency Norbella, discussing life, risk, love and other stuff.


Every human, every collection of humans, every company, every community desires to get to a better place, as defined by more opportunity.  Some are fixated on the task, others are wistfully hopeful.   The intent of Tribe is to help those that seek a better place to get to a better place. 

Tribe is a work-in-progress. The intent is to create a learning community that shares a desire to get ahead, to find balance, to create deeper connection, to realize our richest potential, our greatest possibilities.  Part online, part offline, always together.  If you'd like to become a member of TRIBEBoston or learn about our programs, sign up for my monthly newsletter or drop me a note.  Thanks. 



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